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Ruby IDE – Ruby development tools for Eclipse

RDT is an open source IDE for Ruby implemented as an eclipse plugin. So if you are familiar with eclipse platform, this is the best way to start Ruby development. RDT is written in Java along with some Ruby scripts to interface with Ruby code being written. This tools is far from perfect. It features […]

RubyUnit – A simple testing framework for Ruby

RubyUnit is a simple Ruby testing framework developed by Masaki Suketa. Like Junit, RubyUnit requires your test cases to extend from RUNIT::TestCase. The license under which it is release is same as that of Ruby. You can download RubyUnit from here. Following is a sample RubyUnit test case code,

3 reasons why you must learn ruby language

There are dozens of programming languages out there. For a beginner, typically the first language these days are Java, C++ or C#. Each programming language has its own strengths and weaknesses. In fact, Ruby language implementation is still way behind some of the powerful Java virtual machines. But still I feel Ruby is a must […]