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Ruby 1.9.0 development version released

A new development version of Ruby (1.9.0) was released last week. Currently this release is not intended for production use.  There are incompatibilities with 1.8.x series and 1.9.0 is more of a stepping stone for the upcoming 2.0 release. So what is new in Ruby 1.9.0? Here is a summary, Block arguments are local now. […]

Ruby code snippets : RPN Generator

The following program gives good illustration of string functions, regular expressions and blocks. This is a solution to the Reverse Polish Notation generator problem explained at Given an algebraic expression with brackets, this program will output the corresponding RPN form. For example, (a+(b+c)) becomes abc++. A good exercise will be to extend this program […]

Ruby code snippets : fibonacci series

One of the best ways to start learning Ruby is to try out simple programming problems. Let us see how we can generate fibonacci series using Ruby, This is a verbose an example. You could achieve the same in a single line!