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10 unique ruby language features

Learning Ruby is easy if you already know a programming language. But there are some ruby language features which can cause headache for a programmer migrating from C++ or Java. In this post, I will look at 10 interesting language features that are unique to Ruby. 1. Objects everywhere! – In Ruby everything is an […]

What is a ruby symbol? – symbols explained

Many programmers who are new to Ruby get confused when they see Ruby symbols. A lot us came to know about Ruby language through Ruby on Rails projects. In Ruby on Rails, symbols are everywhere! So it is essential to understand the concept of symbols in Ruby. A symbol in Ruby is an instance of […]

Using Ruby’s http library – download and process web pages – I

Ruby has excellent networking support. Ruby has low level networking features such as sockets and tcp/ip protocols. It also has a high level API for handling protocols such as http and ftp. In this post we will look the Ruby http library. We also look at how this library can be used to download and […]

Advanced Ruby – Dynamic code execution

One of the advanced features of Ruby, which is behind the success of rails is the dynamic code execution. Code fragments can be executed using eval method. This is very similar to JavaScript eval function. following is an example, eval executes the code in the current context. It is also possible to execute the code […]

CSV processing in Ruby

Ruby is a relatively young language. One of the advantages with this is that Ruby has libraries for common programming needs. In this post, I will show you how easy it is to process CSV files in Ruby. A CSV file contains comma separated values and is an easy way to store information in text […]

Starting Ruby development – Day 1 – Install Ruby and Aptana IDE

In the following days I will cover how you can quick start your Ruby learning. Today we will start with Ruby installation and IDE setup. The first thing you need is a decent IDE so that you can quickly try out Ruby programs. Ruby installation comes with command line tools such as “irb”. But for […]

3 reasons why you must learn ruby language

There are dozens of programming languages out there. For a beginner, typically the first language these days are Java, C++ or C#. Each programming language has its own strengths and weaknesses. In fact, Ruby language implementation is still way behind some of the powerful Java virtual machines. But still I feel Ruby is a must […]