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Rails controversy – Zed Shaw gets Dreamhost support!

All hell broke loose after Zed Shaw (the guy behind Mongrel) wrote a post claiming Rails is Ghetto. In the post he points out the ugly part of “Rails Community”. “This is that rant. It is part of my grand exit strategy from the Ruby and Rails community. I don’t want to be a ‘Ruby […]

Ruby 1.9.0 development version released

A new development version of Ruby (1.9.0) was released last week. Currently this release is not intended for production use.  There are incompatibilities with 1.8.x series and 1.9.0 is more of a stepping stone for the upcoming 2.0 release. So what is new in Ruby 1.9.0? Here is a summary, Block arguments are local now. […]

Ruby on Rails and Java?

Guys at the site has created a video comparing Ruby on Rails with Java. Actually they are comparing J2EE with ROR. It seems to suggest that to develop any Web application, you need everything from Hibernate to Spring. But reality is slightly different. None of the technologies are essential. You can create industry strength […]