Ruby 1.9.0 development version released

A new development version of Ruby (1.9.0) was released last week. Currently this release is not intended for production use.  There are incompatibilities with 1.8.x series and 1.9.0 is more of a stepping stone for the upcoming 2.0 release.

So what is new in Ruby 1.9.0? Here is a summary,

  • Block arguments are local now. This can break existing code.
  • Introduced a new class called BasicObject.
  • Kernel and Module packages extended.
  • Regular expression engine upgraded.
  • Native threading support.
  • Offers literal hash syntax for parameters. :action = “helloworld” becomes action: “helloworld”.
  • And many more….

It is important to learn these as the next stable version 2.0 will look very much similar to 1.9.0.

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